Eresma +

D.O. Rueda

From a selection of grapes from “Pago Del Tomillar” in La Seca, from “Pago de Mira al Alba” in Valdestillas, and from “Pago La Vercera” in Olmedo, Eresma + has been produced. A great wine, made to delight.
Only 2,000 strains have participated in the production of this wine, all of them from its own vineyard, located between 700 and 1,000 meters high, with a yield per strain of one and a half kilos.
An exclusive production of 1.240 bottles within reach of a few.


Pago Del Tomillar | Pago de Mira al alba | Pago La Vercera

Fermented yeast at 12ºC and aging fine lees in tanks for 6 months

Eresma +